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imageOn April 1st, Justin was involved in a horrific car accident in Lee, New Hampshire. Its a miracle that he was able to survive, let alone make the tremendous recovery that he has. He fights for his wife, Erin, his daughter and his boys. He was brought to Mass General with numerous broken bones (arm, femur, hip), internal and head injuries.

After over a month at Mass General, he was transported to Northeast Rehab for the foreseeable future for physical and occupational therapy.

There are so many people to thank for all of their love and support - The Mills, Anderson and Murray families and all of his friends, co-workers and family members.

Justin is a US Air Force veteran and currently employed at the VA Medical Center in Manchester.

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After only a few days at rehab Justin is doing great!
His intense PT and OT have kicked his ass in the best way possible…hurts so good! Justin’s head and direction continue to rapidly progress and his strength, focus and determination amaze me every day! i have always known he was the hardest worker I’ve ever met, but at this point he just seems even more super human. They have him doing things I thought it would be week until I would have seen.
Justin spirit is as true as it ever was. He is smiling and working hard at every moment. Everyone who has left his room leaves with a smile and most can be heard laughing from down the hall

Never been more proud of anyone than I am of my husband right now!

Tonight Finleigh and Dada finally got to watch a game together. It’s been a long time coming, but I think this pair are the happiest cuddled together in front of some kind of sporting event.
Great day! Northeast is the place he needs to be. From 8am to 5pm its going to be a full time job for Justin, which it exactly what he wants and needs. I am blown away everyday on his progress. He is still frustrated by his memory loss, but every day is so much better than the day before.
Justin was so excited to see his baby girl today and can’t wait to see his boys! Today he did realize that we missed the first day of trout fishing…by a week or so. I think that was the most pain he felt all day, of course, tomorrow will be another story after his first PT session.

Visiting hours are
Weekdays- strictly, 530pm-800pm
Weekends are open hours.
**Especially during week day visits, please call ahead to see if Justin is up for a visit, as a courtesy, please. He’s going to be here a while and while we are all very excited to have him near by, lets spread out the love over this period. Thanks for understanding.

Justin is sleeping soundly in Portsmouth with a smile upon his beautiful face. He is ready for the boot camp to help start him off on his new life.

Single room - check
Private bathroom - check
Close to home - check

My job tonight is done…oh wait,
Teething baby - check
Trying to climb out of her pack n play every hour - check
My mom woke up with a migraine - check
10% batt left in my phone and can’t find my charger - check

Really?!! I mean, REALLY?! Lol. It’s late enough, I can laugh now. When it rains, it pours, I guess. Bring it on! I’ve got loads of friends and family to laugh with me the rest of the way.
Thanks again to all of you. Big and small acts of kindness and support have all been huge. Seriously, I don’t know where we’d be without you all. What a lesson I’ve learned about community and love. I am truly and wonderfully humbled. It’s uplifting to think, that in such a chaotic time in the world, our little piece of it is filled with such love and confidence in a grand future…I wish the gratitude in my heart could spread like an epidemic or some highly contagious flu with some crazy name to match. Much much much love to you all for helping us get to the next level. Visitors are welcome!!! I will post hours later today or you can call North East Rehab Hospital to see if its an appropriate time. Justin has a bunch of hugs he’s been saving up for you!

Today is the day…
I will either sign Justin’s discharge papers or throw him in the back of my truck and bring him to Portsmouth myself. Either way, this boy is coming home!

Justin is doing well, very excited about leaving Monday and getting a new cast for his left hand. When he pulled the pins out of his hand they put on this huge bulky cast that weights a ton…and he has been complaining about it ever since!
His short term memory gets better daily, as does his restlessness about being so immobile. Im pretty sure he has no idea what is in store for him at the rehab hospital!
Everyone is excited to have him closer to home. I’m confident that this will be the last time we are teased with a release date. I mean, everything that could have gone wrong already has and has been addressed. Lets get this guy walking again!!
I’m not sure who will walk first, Justin or Finleigh. It’ll be a close race for sure!!

For sake of keeping the faith alive, I will say that Justin will be transferred tomorrow…again! Finleigh got to spread her joy at MGH twice in a 24hr period. Justin is excited to be, once again, a day closer to leaving Boston. We stopped by the house and our yard was definitely NOT how we left it. The winter storms had brought much debris down and I did a double take when we pulled up the driveway. The daffodils were out around our birch tree and the lawn was spotless, just as it would have been had Justin been home. Thank you Jason Murray for going above and beyond, just as many of my family members have been doing. This was most special because Justin cares more about the lawn and the basement more than any other part of the house. He, and I, really really appreciate the clean up!
So, with some hope, tomorrow will be the transfer date! Finleigh had a great overnight with Uncle Glen and Aunt Sue and was on her best behavior at the hospital too. She slept both ways on the T and after a sprit crawl session on the carpet she fell asleep at 730pm until about the same hour in the am.
I am so grateful these days, for my super hero husband’s strength and determination, our little girl’s amazing spirit to be consistently happy no matter where she is, my family’s boundless love and support, our friends from present and those who never forgot us, and all the angels making sure to take care of all the little things. We are surrounded by love and everything good in the worst of times, so to you all, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This is what love looks like, and if you are ever in need, we will be there for you as you have for us! I just wanted to make sure I thanked everyone…for everything! It’s not over, but we know we aren’t alone. You know how the quarterback loves his cheerleaders, he just never knew how many of you were out there! I still have to remind him everyday, but each day he is deeply moved and humbled…and most importantly, MOTIVATED! Xo

Our last weekend at MGH. It’s looking good that Justin will be NH bound tomorrow, possibly Tuesday.
My mom and I brought her into Boston to see Dada. Justin got to see her stand and clap, but there was no crawling allowed. Fin did great and lasted almost three hours before it was time for her to move again. So far she is sleeping soundly. We will go back in the morning for the final word on Justin’s transfer.

Hopefully today was the last day I was in NH while Justin is in a bed in Boston. I made sure he had some visitors though. My stepfather John H Robinson went in this morning to hang out and this afternoon our friends Tammy Bettencourt Gerber and Eric Gerber hung out for a couple more hours. Both parties had great reports of how impressed they were with Justin’s progress.
Tonight I had dinner with family and getting to bed early. Tomorrow I am packing up Fin to go see Dada. Justin hasn’t seen her in almost a month and every time I walk in, he asks me if I brought her. We are spending the night in beantown- it will be her first night in the big city! Lol. Then, hopefully, on Monday we will be signing some papers and getting Dada loaded in to the ambulance (again) and heading north (again).

Today is the day!!
Justin is being transferred to Northeast Rehab Hospital in Portsmouth to start the grueling process of healing. His head and bones will relearn the everyday tasks and his heart will prove to him, that in the long run, the pain will subside and the life ahead will be filled with more beauty than he can comprehend.
Of course, while that sounds great, the months coming will be filled with unimaginable pain, the dirtiest of words, discouraging thoughts and uncontrollable fears. During this time he will need the support and love that you all have given me. Please don’t forget that Justin’s fight has only really begun. He will need friends more than ever in the coming days. He is gonna need pep talks and a lot of laughs. Visiting, for many of you, will be a lot easier being closer to home. Please take the time to visit at some point.
I know he has no idea how many people have been praying and hoping for his recovery.
If Justin knows that there are people in the stands and a team depending on him, he will deliver…he always has. Everyone has been asking what they can do to help and this is it. Show him the support you’ve shown me. Go in one night after work and tell stories, remember the good ol’ days, and share your lives. Time passes so quickly, life gets busy and its too late when tragedy strikes and we say “I wish I…” Take advantage of this lesson of second chances.
It’s easy to catch up on someone’s life by clicking on Facebook every morning, but go in and give the man a hug…because he never would settle for just a handshake from a friend.